This is the platform where you will get all the solution for your career. Now we are in developing country so we got easy access to education but the question is; what to do after completing education? No doubt we have Internet today but the question is; do we really utilizing it for our developments? whatever you answer is; if you are eager to give your career a Direction, then you are at the right place.

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Why Odiainfo ?

Here you will get answer of your question like:


– What to do after educations?


– Jobs or Higher Study ?


– Jobs in Govt. or Private ?


– How and where to apply ?


– If applied how and where to prepare ?


– What are the extra skill one need to work on?



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Rabindra Kumar

Civil Engineer, Blogger,Writer,Photographer


        I am Rabindra Technical Author & Co-Founder of Odiainfo.in . I am an Engineer Graduate and working as Civil Engineer in Public Sector. The real problems start after education so we will try to solve the problems through this platform. Keep loving us.


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Odiainfo will give you a direction after your Education,all you need to have is trust in you.

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